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Do you have trouble coming up with ideas for your blog well I heard one of my mentors say something to the affect you can get plenty of ideas from magazines and I have to tell you that is so true.

Just the other day I received my latest edition of Forbes magazine and the ad on the back turned that light bulb on.


So, there’s a quote by Dr. Khalil G. Muhammad that says “There is no American history without black history.” an that struck a cord.

I asked myself WHY in 2015 Is this still an issue. When I think of this world aren’t we all immigrants. Didn’t all of us come from far far away places. Lol!

When you say the word American history I would think that it would include everyone. We’ve all contributed to this world some good, some bad so why is our history soooo divided. Aren’t we limiting ourselves by not truly understanding one another? What are your thoughts? Comment below

Althought not long my hope is that we can dialouge about this very important issue.

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The Multiprenuer Entreprenuer


The Art of Branding

There are so many intrical parts to working from home it’s hard to know where to start. You join a company and promote the hell out of that company and then one day the company goes belly up.

No one ever tells you the importance of BRANDING YOU!

You may ask why is this so important and I’m glad you asked but I want to share a little something with you before I answer that question.

Understand I wrote this blog about a month but had not published it until today which I think is perfect timing in the demise of Wake Up Now. Now please understand this blog is not a bash on the company or any of the reps that represented Wake Up Now however it is a blog about the importance of BRANDING YOU.

When you brand a company meaning that’s all you post all your wall, your cover and profile pics represent your company people never get to know you and what your about so when any company disappears into the black hole sometimes it can be hard to bounce back and have people trust you again.

However, when you BRAND YOU and use the companies as a means to generating an income people get to know you by the value and seeds that you are pouring into them. You want people to Know, Like and Trust YOU no matter what happens they will move forward should something happen to the company you’re using to generate an income.

This can be accomplished in several ways

*Build relationships….pickup the phone and actually talk to someone….yes I said pickup the phone to call not TEXT=VALUE

*If you learn something new teach to it others=VALUE

*Share you story let others know you’ve had some of the same struggles however you’ve found the solution=VALUE

*Shoot a video let people see that you are a real person=VALUE

These are just a few examples.

Now, you may wonder why I have the word VALUE bolded and that’s because it is so important in the world of online marketing. If your goal is to build your business and get others to follow you then you have to give them something and that something is….wait for it, wait for it, you guessed it


What is VALUE? and why should we offer it.

Value is when you give your audience something they need. Maybe your offering some sort of free training on how to save videos on Facebook or maybe your sharing how to create YouTube videos. It doesn’t matter just give people what they need even if they haven’t realized they need it yet.

SO, Are you branding YOU INC or XYZ COMPANY? If your branding XYZ company then STOP!

The road to entreprenuership is not easy and you must work at it everyday but if this is the road that you’ve chosen and you believe that all things are possible then your on the right road.

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I have been in the network marketer/online biz for a while now and have shared the opportunity with many. I have programs that cost from zero to $180 and yet I still can’t seem to get people to join. Now, I know for some that when they here the words network marketing they cringe. You get asked questions like is that a pyramid scheme, can you really make money doing that, it can’t be that esay, etc.

Now I have always had a entreprenueral spirit. I was always in love with the idea of working for myself. See I discovered along time ago I hated working for someone else. I never wanted to be told when I could take lunch and for how long, if I could take a vacation or if I could have the day off. So, I guess for me I was never really AFRAID! I always told myself I could do it and was wiling to invest in myself.

However, for some we have been told to go to schoool, get a good education and then find that job and give them your all and after 40-50 years you can retire and live the lifestyle you desire…..NOT!!!


Nowadays were lucky if we stay on a job for 5 years. Times are different now.

So, I decided even while i was working my full-time job to seek another source of income. See one of the richest men in the world Mr. Warren Buffet says that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. Mr. Robert Allen author of Multiple Streams of Income suggest that we should all have some type of network marketing business in our portfolio.

With all that being said I was recently having a conversation with my cousin whom I have shared several different opportunities with and I ask him why was he so afraid of money. His response was that he wasn’t afraid however he still hasn’t joined.

So, I posed a question on facebook asking the same question and got a very good response to this question. Her response to me was this of which I found profound.

It’s not that their afraid of money, they are afraid of the work. WOW!

I found this answer to be true. See, when we get into this business we think that we are going to be rich overnight and unless you have a super super group of friends who can see the vision you will have to put in some work everyday in order to be successful.

If you really work your business give yourself 2-3 years and you may have the income you desire. Now, I know some will say 2-3 I don’t have that long however you’ve been at your job how long? I’ll let you fill in the blank.

What I never understood until recently was why we are so willing to work hard for someone else but not ourselves.

However i discovered that not all of us desire to work for ourselves and be the boss and that’s cool but for me it still sounds a little crazy to me but if it works for you then it works for me.

I love the idea of waking up when I finish sleeping, taking the day off is I so desire, taking a vacation when and for how long I want, being able to hangout with my son on any given day.

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The one common denomintor I’ve learned from some of the 6 & 7 figure income earners.

Hey Hey to all my bloggers and bloggets,

This blog won’t be very long. However, I found it necessary to write it in hopes that it will help others have a better understanding.

Have you ever wondered what the top money earners are doing that maybe your not? You’ll be surprised to know that it’s a lot easier than you think. I know this subject can be a bit taboo for some as we all have different belief systems however I’ve discovered that it has nothing to do with the company they promote, where they live, their race or anything extremely obvious.

Wait for it, wait for it, it’s their belief in God. I’ve noticed in the past year since truly getting into the online game that this group of people not only post postivity but they truly live it. The understand that it’s truly better to give than receive. By living the true principles of God they understand that they will reap what they sow.

If you sow good ground, good ground you will have. Put out postive vibes, you will receive it. When you understand that it’s all about others and helping them to obtain their goals that is when you will receive true success.

They are willing to go above and beyond to see their teams succeed. Why, because they already understand that by doing this they to will be successful. What a good feeling to have when you’ve been able to help that struggling single mother or father or a family who is truly looking for a way to obtain financial freedom and your the catalyst to helping them reach their goals, dreams & desires. AMAZING!

This is what I desire for myself and everyone connected to me. Trust and believe when I tell you there is money to be made but the real question is ARE YOU WILLING?

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Why Do I hop?

What’s up to all my Bloggers and Bloggets,

Recently I was asked a question and it got me to thinking. Here was the question: Why do you change companies or focus so much? They said there are a lot of good opportunities out there but it is more what you do with them than it is which one you are with. They went on to say that there are those that come along that are exceptional so they could understand making a change.

Listen, as entrprenuers we will and must try different things. We buy course after course, tool after tool until we find the right fit for us. How will we know if this or that is for us unless we try them out. The other thing I’ve come to understand in this business is that it’s not all about you. If you want to truly have any success in this business you must be willing to help others.

Which leads me to my first point when seeking out an opportunity. Can the people I’m approaching afford this? Not so much can they do it but can they truly afford it. If they intial investment is steep as well as the monthly charges it may not work for most people.

Secondly, is it truly duplicable? Can the masses do this business?

Third, does it make sense?

When I joined my business a little over a year ago I set a goal for myself however I said that if I was not making the money I desired in a year that I would move on. It’s not that I don’t believe in the company or think it doesn’t work because I know it does. I made money! I tried following the big dawgs buying this tool and that tool, upgrading, etc but guess what I couldn’t afford it. I was not ballin like them so I had to make a decision.

I could continue to push forward and keep trying pouring money into something that was not bringing me the success I hoped for or get out and find something else?

You need to find that one thing that drives you to get out of bed and push until you can’t push anymore.

So, I ask? What is your true passion?

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I was told by a 6 figure earner to turn your passsion into a business because then it’s not really work. You will get up everyday knowing that you are going to be successful because you are doing something you LOVE!


I was taking a nap yesterday and woke up with this idea so I thought I would share it with you. Hope you all enjoy and don’t forget to Like, Share and Comment.

I have always desired to work for myself. I never like working for others dictating when I could live life. For me, travel was my life and passion since the age of eight when my mother took me to Disney World. We rode 1st class on Eastern Airlines. (Yes, I’m dating myself) however I still remember this trip like it was yesterday. It was the first time I had duck. (Didn’t like it to greasy, lol)

Fast forward a whole lot of years….college years that is and I must say I think I went to two pretty good schools. Wentworth Institute of Technology for Computer Engineering & Newbury College for Media Technology but never received a degree in either.

Can you guess what I wound up doing…yep getting a job but the desire to work for myself always prevailed so I always dibbled and dabbled in something with the hopes I would make it big. Well I haven’t made it big yet but that hasn’t stopped me from trying.

Today I go harder because now I have someone else that I’m responsible for. I don’t want him to have to go through some of the same struggles I have. I want him to have a good life and not have to worry about no doing something because of money.

The one thing that always baffles me are those who say they need extra money but won’t even look at what your offering or tell you it’s a scam.

Which leads me to this question: What are you so afraid of? People will make every excuse, I can’t sell, I’m not a sales person, I can’t afford it but we will go and give our money to movie stars, basketball players, fashion designers and others and never get a return on our investment. These people have made it WHY because of us, the ones buying their products. We will tell others about a good restaurant, movie or pair of sneakers but we won’t tell others about a way to make money and get a piece of the pie back in our pockets……..can you say CONFUSED!!!!

Listen, I understand that entrepreneurship is not for everyone and there are those who love their jobs and for those who fall into that category I’m truly happy for you. But for those who may hate their jobs, need more money or just want a better way out how about forgoing those Kevin Durant’s @ $115 or more and invest in you.

I will be the first to say it’s not easy but damm it, it sure is worth it. I wouldn’t change what I do for the world. There are a lot of ticking pieces but nothings better than seeing a smile on my child’s face because now I have the time and money to do the things we enjoy. Like taking him to the theater, cruise vacations, day trips to New York, being able to go to his recital during the day.

So, I challenge all those reading this that may have been on the fence about investing in themselves to give it a try and commit for 90 days. Don’t just join and do nothing and say it doesn’t work but truly commit yourself and see your world change right in front of your own eyes. I would even go as far to say don’t even look at the money so much as your willingness to do it and make some money.

You truly can make money on the internet however as a good friend and mentor reminds me that this is a game of chess not checkers. (Mr. Brian C. Jones)

To your success



What does the word BE mean to you. Part 2 of the BE Chronicles

In part 2 of the BE Chronicles I sat and pondered for awhile and thought how these words related to business & this is what I came up with. What do they mean to you?







Being Confident is one key element needed in this business. You must believe in yourself, talk to yourself daily and tell yourself you can & will do whats ever needed to be successful no matter the obstacles.

Being Consistent is another element needed in order to reach the other side of success. Doing those daily mundane day-to-day activities on a consistent basis will only help you get better at your craft and reaching towards your goals.

Being Yourself  is just that being your true authentic you. It’s never good to try to be someone else. The real truth is learning from those who are creating more success and do what they do. Don’t re-invent the wheel.

Being Remarkable means that you are willing to do what others won’t to achieve your desired goals. You believe in standing out no matter what people say.

Being Original  is real simple be the best you and know one else.

Being Responsible is doing what needs to be done for you but more importanly for your team. Give people the solution they are looking for in order to be successful.

So, now that you have read the BE CHRONICALS what did you gain from it? Did you find it helpful?

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Do You Have F.O.M.O. Disease?

I know, I know your asking yourself what is F.O.M.O. Disease. It’s the Fear Of Missing Out. As entreprenuers our goal everyday is to be as productive as possible by getting to the tasks at hand however how many times do we get distracted by all the NOISEWe have Facebook, Google Plus, Emails and a host of other tabs open that prevent us from doing what needs to be done. So, how do we stop this? I’m glad you asked. Shut down all the tabs open, turn down the cell phone (some suggest turning them of or on vibrate) but because I have a child I need to be availabe should something happen but that’s the only phone call i would take. Just priortize which calls are important to YOU.

After you’ve completed a few task take a break, give yourself a few minutes to breeze your way through emails or check your messages.

So, I asked do you have F.O.M.O. Disease? Please comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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What does the Word BE mean to you. Part 1 of the BE chronicles

As I sit here adminstering the SAT’s once again I’m intrigued by the rooms I’m put in. This time I was put into a music class with some very interesting words surrounding the word BE. There were 3 in total but today we will focus on the first one. I have to tell you that as I read these I couldn’t help put these in prespective no only in music but life and business as well.

So, in this blog I will share my thoughts of the BE MOVEMENT and how the relate to business. I would love for you to share yours as well.








Being Authenic means to be ones self, BE the true you. What I’ve learned being in this business is that people join YOU not a company.

Being Calm means that we should try an relax a little. Slow down and try not to get to upset over things especially the small stuff.

Being Helpful means just what it implies. The more we are willing to help others and understand that it’s not about us, it’s about them the more we will continued to be blessed and grow.

Being Open means that we have the willingless to try things even if others say we can’t. Never let an opportunity pass you by without getting all the facts first and making an informed decision. Being open can lead to things you thought were impossible.

Being Patient now that’s a tricky one. We ALL fall short on this one. I know I do. Living in a world of RIGHT NOW it’s hard for us to slow down, take our time, understand what we need to grow and build our business. When we join any business we want to see immediate results. What we miss is that this is a business and like any brick and motar we have to put the work in before we see the results we want.

Being Strong means just that. If we walked into a situation knowing that there are going to be obstacles and face them head on we are already ahead of the game. We have to stay strong and never let anything stop us from reaching our goals, dreams & desires.

Being Trustworthy means just that. You want to be a person who stands on their word. If you want to succeed in this business people have to feel like they can trust you. You do this by not only what saying it but by actually doing it. If you say your going to call someone CALL, if you say your going to meet them at 7 then MEET them at 7. YOUR WORD IS YOUR BOND!

So, now that you have read the BE CHRONICALS what did you gain from it? Did you find it helpful?

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How long will you last?

I was driving home yesterday afternoon from work when this question popped in my head. HOW LONG WILL YOU LAST? When I started my entrepreneurial journey I was aware that it wouldn’t be easy. I knew I would hear the usual * your crazzy * you can’t make any money doing that * They are scams *  and the list goes on & on But as entreprenuers we think outside the box. We ask questions like * what would happen if I tried * what would happen if I really made money * what would happen if I could live my dream lifestyle * and the list goes on & on When I asked myself that question I knew that I would last as long as it took to reach my goals, dreams & desires. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, I even knew & expected to fail however I will get back up, dust myself off, regroup & start again. When we look at some of the most successful people they failed numerous times but they NEVER GAVE UP!! What are your goals? * Pay off debt & become financially free * Travel * pay for your childrens education * help others Whatever the goal write them out & make them plain, create a vision board look at it daily. Work towards your goals daily. So, I ask again: HOW LONG WILL YOU LAST? Please like, comment & share & while you’re here like my blog & my youtube channel. Shawne “Helping Other’s Succeed” Perryman