What’s up Bloggers and Bloggetts,

Do you have trouble coming up with ideas for your blog well I heard one of my mentors say something to the affect you can get plenty of ideas from magazines and I have to tell you that is so true.

Just the other day I received my latest edition of Forbes magazine and the ad on the back turned that light bulb on.


So, there’s a quote by Dr. Khalil G. Muhammad that says “There is no American history without black history.” an that struck a cord.

I asked myself WHY in 2015 Is this still an issue. When I think of this world aren’t we all immigrants. Didn’t all of us come from far far away places. Lol!

When you say the word American history I would think that it would include everyone. We’ve all contributed to this world some good, some bad so why is our history soooo divided. Aren’t we limiting ourselves by not truly understanding one another? What are your thoughts? Comment below

Althought not long my hope is that we can dialouge about this very important issue.

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