Why Do I hop?

What’s up to all my Bloggers and Bloggets,

Recently I was asked a question and it got me to thinking. Here was the question: Why do you change companies or focus so much? They said there are a lot of good opportunities out there but it is more what you do with them than it is which one you are with. They went on to say that there are those that come along that are exceptional so they could understand making a change.

Listen, as entrprenuers we will and must try different things. We buy course after course, tool after tool until we find the right fit for us. How will we know if this or that is for us unless we try them out. The other thing I’ve come to understand in this business is that it’s not all about you. If you want to truly have any success in this business you must be willing to help others.

Which leads me to my first point when seeking out an opportunity. Can the people I’m approaching afford this? Not so much can they do it but can they truly afford it. If they intial investment is steep as well as the monthly charges it may not work for most people.

Secondly, is it truly duplicable? Can the masses do this business?

Third, does it make sense?

When I joined my business a little over a year ago I set a goal for myself however I said that if I was not making the money I desired in a year that I would move on. It’s not that I don’t believe in the company or think it doesn’t work because I know it does. I made money! I tried following the big dawgs buying this tool and that tool, upgrading, etc but guess what I couldn’t afford it. I was not ballin like them so I had to make a decision.

I could continue to push forward and keep trying pouring money into something that was not bringing me the success I hoped for or get out and find something else?

You need to find that one thing that drives you to get out of bed and push until you can’t push anymore.

So, I ask? What is your true passion?

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I was told by a 6 figure earner to turn your passsion into a business because then it’s not really work. You will get up everyday knowing that you are going to be successful because you are doing something you LOVE!


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