I have been in the network marketer/online biz for a while now and have shared the opportunity with many. I have programs that cost from zero to $180 and yet I still can’t seem to get people to join. Now, I know for some that when they here the words network marketing they cringe. You get asked questions like is that a pyramid scheme, can you really make money doing that, it can’t be that esay, etc.

Now I have always had a entreprenueral spirit. I was always in love with the idea of working for myself. See I discovered along time ago I hated working for someone else. I never wanted to be told when I could take lunch and for how long, if I could take a vacation or if I could have the day off. So, I guess for me I was never really AFRAID! I always told myself I could do it and was wiling to invest in myself.

However, for some we have been told to go to schoool, get a good education and then find that job and give them your all and after 40-50 years you can retire and live the lifestyle you desire…..NOT!!!


Nowadays were lucky if we stay on a job for 5 years. Times are different now.

So, I decided even while i was working my full-time job to seek another source of income. See one of the richest men in the world Mr. Warren Buffet says that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. Mr. Robert Allen author of Multiple Streams of Income suggest that we should all have some type of network marketing business in our portfolio.

With all that being said I was recently having a conversation with my cousin whom I have shared several different opportunities with and I ask him why was he so afraid of money. His response was that he wasn’t afraid however he still hasn’t joined.

So, I posed a question on facebook asking the same question and got a very good response to this question. Her response to me was this of which I found profound.

It’s not that their afraid of money, they are afraid of the work. WOW!

I found this answer to be true. See, when we get into this business we think that we are going to be rich overnight and unless you have a super super group of friends who can see the vision you will have to put in some work everyday in order to be successful.

If you really work your business give yourself 2-3 years and you may have the income you desire. Now, I know some will say 2-3 I don’t have that long however you’ve been at your job how long? I’ll let you fill in the blank.

What I never understood until recently was why we are so willing to work hard for someone else but not ourselves.

However i discovered that not all of us desire to work for ourselves and be the boss and that’s cool but for me it still sounds a little crazy to me but if it works for you then it works for me.

I love the idea of waking up when I finish sleeping, taking the day off is I so desire, taking a vacation when and for how long I want, being able to hangout with my son on any given day.

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