What does the Word BE mean to you. Part 1 of the BE chronicles

As I sit here adminstering the SAT’s once again I’m intrigued by the rooms I’m put in. This time I was put into a music class with some very interesting words surrounding the word BE. There were 3 in total but today we will focus on the first one. I have to tell you that as I read these I couldn’t help put these in prespective no only in music but life and business as well.

So, in this blog I will share my thoughts of the BE MOVEMENT and how the relate to business. I would love for you to share yours as well.








Being Authenic means to be ones self, BE the true you. What I’ve learned being in this business is that people join YOU not a company.

Being Calm means that we should try an relax a little. Slow down and try not to get to upset over things especially the small stuff.

Being Helpful means just what it implies. The more we are willing to help others and understand that it’s not about us, it’s about them the more we will continued to be blessed and grow.

Being Open means that we have the willingless to try things even if others say we can’t. Never let an opportunity pass you by without getting all the facts first and making an informed decision. Being open can lead to things you thought were impossible.

Being Patient now that’s a tricky one. We ALL fall short on this one. I know I do. Living in a world of RIGHT NOW it’s hard for us to slow down, take our time, understand what we need to grow and build our business. When we join any business we want to see immediate results. What we miss is that this is a business and like any brick and motar we have to put the work in before we see the results we want.

Being Strong means just that. If we walked into a situation knowing that there are going to be obstacles and face them head on we are already ahead of the game. We have to stay strong and never let anything stop us from reaching our goals, dreams & desires.

Being Trustworthy means just that. You want to be a person who stands on their word. If you want to succeed in this business people have to feel like they can trust you. You do this by not only what saying it but by actually doing it. If you say your going to call someone CALL, if you say your going to meet them at 7 then MEET them at 7. YOUR WORD IS YOUR BOND!

So, now that you have read the BE CHRONICALS what did you gain from it? Did you find it helpful?

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