Beware Graph Search Could Be Dangerous For Your Health

l know as marketers we have all used Graph Search at least once in our biz but are you aware of a few of the pitfalls.

In this blog I want to talk about how liking a page could be dangerous to your health (LOL)

When we like a page do you really know how FB is using that info? When you hit that button you are telling others that not only do you like the page but you like that resturant or whatever it is your liking as well as the food or other product even if you’ve never eaten or brought that product before. Simply liking a page means more than we think. When checking in you are saying that I’m here…weather you like the place or not remains to be seen but we know you’re in that place.

Here’s another example of how this could be dangerous. Let’s say you like playboy magazines page and applied for that once in a lifetime job and your future boss does a search and finds your profile..What do you think might happen? Hmmmmm!!

So, the point to this blog is really simple. Be selective on the pages you like.


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