Do You Have F.O.M.O. Disease?

I know, I know your asking yourself what is F.O.M.O. Disease. It’s the Fear Of Missing Out. As entreprenuers our goal everyday is to be as productive as possible by getting to the tasks at hand however how many times do we get distracted by all the NOISEWe have Facebook, Google Plus, Emails and a host of other tabs open that prevent us from doing what needs to be done. So, how do we stop this? I’m glad you asked. Shut down all the tabs open, turn down the cell phone (some suggest turning them of or on vibrate) but because I have a child I need to be availabe should something happen but that’s the only phone call i would take. Just priortize which calls are important to YOU.

After you’ve completed a few task take a break, give yourself a few minutes to breeze your way through emails or check your messages.

So, I asked do you have F.O.M.O. Disease? Please comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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Until lata


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