The Art of Branding

There are so many intrical parts to working from home it’s hard to know where to start. You join a company and promote the hell out of that company and then one day the company goes belly up.

No one ever tells you the importance of BRANDING YOU!

You may ask why is this so important and I’m glad you asked but I want to share a little something with you before I answer that question.

Understand I wrote this blog about a month but had not published it until today which I think is perfect timing in the demise of Wake Up Now. Now please understand this blog is not a bash on the company or any of the reps that represented Wake Up Now however it is a blog about the importance of BRANDING YOU.

When you brand a company meaning that’s all you post all your wall, your cover and profile pics represent your company people never get to know you and what your about so when any company disappears into the black hole sometimes it can be hard to bounce back and have people trust you again.

However, when you BRAND YOU and use the companies as a means to generating an income people get to know you by the value and seeds that you are pouring into them. You want people to Know, Like and Trust YOU no matter what happens they will move forward should something happen to the company you’re using to generate an income.

This can be accomplished in several ways

*Build relationships….pickup the phone and actually talk to someone….yes I said pickup the phone to call not TEXT=VALUE

*If you learn something new teach to it others=VALUE

*Share you story let others know you’ve had some of the same struggles however you’ve found the solution=VALUE

*Shoot a video let people see that you are a real person=VALUE

These are just a few examples.

Now, you may wonder why I have the word VALUE bolded and that’s because it is so important in the world of online marketing. If your goal is to build your business and get others to follow you then you have to give them something and that something is….wait for it, wait for it, you guessed it


What is VALUE? and why should we offer it.

Value is when you give your audience something they need. Maybe your offering some sort of free training on how to save videos on Facebook or maybe your sharing how to create YouTube videos. It doesn’t matter just give people what they need even if they haven’t realized they need it yet.

SO, Are you branding YOU INC or XYZ COMPANY? If your branding XYZ company then STOP!

The road to entreprenuership is not easy and you must work at it everyday but if this is the road that you’ve chosen and you believe that all things are possible then your on the right road.

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I was taking a nap yesterday and woke up with this idea so I thought I would share it with you. Hope you all enjoy and don’t forget to Like, Share and Comment.

I have always desired to work for myself. I never like working for others dictating when I could live life. For me, travel was my life and passion since the age of eight when my mother took me to Disney World. We rode 1st class on Eastern Airlines. (Yes, I’m dating myself) however I still remember this trip like it was yesterday. It was the first time I had duck. (Didn’t like it to greasy, lol)

Fast forward a whole lot of years….college years that is and I must say I think I went to two pretty good schools. Wentworth Institute of Technology for Computer Engineering & Newbury College for Media Technology but never received a degree in either.

Can you guess what I wound up doing…yep getting a job but the desire to work for myself always prevailed so I always dibbled and dabbled in something with the hopes I would make it big. Well I haven’t made it big yet but that hasn’t stopped me from trying.

Today I go harder because now I have someone else that I’m responsible for. I don’t want him to have to go through some of the same struggles I have. I want him to have a good life and not have to worry about no doing something because of money.

The one thing that always baffles me are those who say they need extra money but won’t even look at what your offering or tell you it’s a scam.

Which leads me to this question: What are you so afraid of? People will make every excuse, I can’t sell, I’m not a sales person, I can’t afford it but we will go and give our money to movie stars, basketball players, fashion designers and others and never get a return on our investment. These people have made it WHY because of us, the ones buying their products. We will tell others about a good restaurant, movie or pair of sneakers but we won’t tell others about a way to make money and get a piece of the pie back in our pockets……..can you say CONFUSED!!!!

Listen, I understand that entrepreneurship is not for everyone and there are those who love their jobs and for those who fall into that category I’m truly happy for you. But for those who may hate their jobs, need more money or just want a better way out how about forgoing those Kevin Durant’s @ $115 or more and invest in you.

I will be the first to say it’s not easy but damm it, it sure is worth it. I wouldn’t change what I do for the world. There are a lot of ticking pieces but nothings better than seeing a smile on my child’s face because now I have the time and money to do the things we enjoy. Like taking him to the theater, cruise vacations, day trips to New York, being able to go to his recital during the day.

So, I challenge all those reading this that may have been on the fence about investing in themselves to give it a try and commit for 90 days. Don’t just join and do nothing and say it doesn’t work but truly commit yourself and see your world change right in front of your own eyes. I would even go as far to say don’t even look at the money so much as your willingness to do it and make some money.

You truly can make money on the internet however as a good friend and mentor reminds me that this is a game of chess not checkers. (Mr. Brian C. Jones)

To your success



What does the word BE mean to you. Part 2 of the BE Chronicles

In part 2 of the BE Chronicles I sat and pondered for awhile and thought how these words related to business & this is what I came up with. What do they mean to you?







Being Confident is one key element needed in this business. You must believe in yourself, talk to yourself daily and tell yourself you can & will do whats ever needed to be successful no matter the obstacles.

Being Consistent is another element needed in order to reach the other side of success. Doing those daily mundane day-to-day activities on a consistent basis will only help you get better at your craft and reaching towards your goals.

Being Yourself  is just that being your true authentic you. It’s never good to try to be someone else. The real truth is learning from those who are creating more success and do what they do. Don’t re-invent the wheel.

Being Remarkable means that you are willing to do what others won’t to achieve your desired goals. You believe in standing out no matter what people say.

Being Original  is real simple be the best you and know one else.

Being Responsible is doing what needs to be done for you but more importanly for your team. Give people the solution they are looking for in order to be successful.

So, now that you have read the BE CHRONICALS what did you gain from it? Did you find it helpful?

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Do You Have F.O.M.O. Disease?

I know, I know your asking yourself what is F.O.M.O. Disease. It’s the Fear Of Missing Out. As entreprenuers our goal everyday is to be as productive as possible by getting to the tasks at hand however how many times do we get distracted by all the NOISEWe have Facebook, Google Plus, Emails and a host of other tabs open that prevent us from doing what needs to be done. So, how do we stop this? I’m glad you asked. Shut down all the tabs open, turn down the cell phone (some suggest turning them of or on vibrate) but because I have a child I need to be availabe should something happen but that’s the only phone call i would take. Just priortize which calls are important to YOU.

After you’ve completed a few task take a break, give yourself a few minutes to breeze your way through emails or check your messages.

So, I asked do you have F.O.M.O. Disease? Please comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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Until lata


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What does the Word BE mean to you. Part 1 of the BE chronicles

As I sit here adminstering the SAT’s once again I’m intrigued by the rooms I’m put in. This time I was put into a music class with some very interesting words surrounding the word BE. There were 3 in total but today we will focus on the first one. I have to tell you that as I read these I couldn’t help put these in prespective no only in music but life and business as well.

So, in this blog I will share my thoughts of the BE MOVEMENT and how the relate to business. I would love for you to share yours as well.








Being Authenic means to be ones self, BE the true you. What I’ve learned being in this business is that people join YOU not a company.

Being Calm means that we should try an relax a little. Slow down and try not to get to upset over things especially the small stuff.

Being Helpful means just what it implies. The more we are willing to help others and understand that it’s not about us, it’s about them the more we will continued to be blessed and grow.

Being Open means that we have the willingless to try things even if others say we can’t. Never let an opportunity pass you by without getting all the facts first and making an informed decision. Being open can lead to things you thought were impossible.

Being Patient now that’s a tricky one. We ALL fall short on this one. I know I do. Living in a world of RIGHT NOW it’s hard for us to slow down, take our time, understand what we need to grow and build our business. When we join any business we want to see immediate results. What we miss is that this is a business and like any brick and motar we have to put the work in before we see the results we want.

Being Strong means just that. If we walked into a situation knowing that there are going to be obstacles and face them head on we are already ahead of the game. We have to stay strong and never let anything stop us from reaching our goals, dreams & desires.

Being Trustworthy means just that. You want to be a person who stands on their word. If you want to succeed in this business people have to feel like they can trust you. You do this by not only what saying it but by actually doing it. If you say your going to call someone CALL, if you say your going to meet them at 7 then MEET them at 7. YOUR WORD IS YOUR BOND!

So, now that you have read the BE CHRONICALS what did you gain from it? Did you find it helpful?

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Beware Graph Search Could Be Dangerous For Your Health

l know as marketers we have all used Graph Search at least once in our biz but are you aware of a few of the pitfalls.

In this blog I want to talk about how liking a page could be dangerous to your health (LOL)

When we like a page do you really know how FB is using that info? When you hit that button you are telling others that not only do you like the page but you like that resturant or whatever it is your liking as well as the food or other product even if you’ve never eaten or brought that product before. Simply liking a page means more than we think. When checking in you are saying that I’m here…weather you like the place or not remains to be seen but we know you’re in that place.

Here’s another example of how this could be dangerous. Let’s say you like playboy magazines page and applied for that once in a lifetime job and your future boss does a search and finds your profile..What do you think might happen? Hmmmmm!!

So, the point to this blog is really simple. Be selective on the pages you like.


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Are You Focused?

I was just reading an interesting book today that I got as a free download to my Kindle called 20 Things I Learned  as an Entreprenuer.

One of the things mentioned was being focused as I read this I have to say I had the one classic sign mentioned: TRYING TO DO TO MUCH!

We get into this business trying to do it all. Marketing everywhere, attending all the webbies and free trainings as possible, reading, etc, etc, etc and getting no where fast.

But what we must do is FOCUS. How do we do that you ask… simply simplifying what we do. Prioritizing & understanding what we do.

I just attended an awesome mastermind session with some great woman who are all successful and striving everyday to help as many others become the best they can be offered the exact same lesson to me.

Do what works for you.

I have to be honest, I was feeling a little lost & alot overwhelmed because I was trying to do too much.

So, the point to this blog is to slow down, take your time & stay focused on what is most important to you and your business.

So, my question to all reading this….ARE YOU FOCUSED?

Until we meet on the beaches of the world.

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I watched this documentary the other day on Netflix called Serving Life. What an amazing documentary….if you haven’t seen it I suggest you watch.

The premise of the story is inmates helping other dying inmates die gracefully behind prision walls. The warden of Angola prision in LA decided to have the first every hospice unit to help those dying die with some grace & dignity. The moral of the story was simple…Can we be redeemed based on things we’ve done in the past? These were hardend criminals who robbed, killed, stealed & a host of other things but was able to give back by becoming a volunteer in the hospice program. This got me to thinking and here are a few questions I came up with.

  1. Can we be truly be forgiven for the wrong we’ve done?
  2. How much do we really value our lives?
  3. What will we do with the life we’ve been given?
  4. Could we really live within the confines of prision?

Here’s what this movie taught

  1. Love is real
  2. No matter what we done deep inside ourselves we all have love & compassion
  3. That change is possible & doable

What I’ve learned in this life thus far is that we all have to listen to somebody…the real question is WHO WILL YOU LISTEN TO? If God is the head of your life will you follow him & walk with him daily? Will you listen to yourself ? and become the best YOU or Will you listen to others who will tell you when to wake, when to use the facility, what to eat, how fast and long you have to eat, when to sleep, etc. I’ve decided that I will walk with God & with his help, guidance and direction walked into the destiny he has created for me. To be the best ME, one filled with love & compassion for all and to help as many people along the way to reach their goals, dreams & desires. I believe this is my calling. I want to see as many people as possible live the life that was layed out for them.

This is why I love being an entreprenuer. I get to live on my own terms. I get to spend time talking to others and showing them a better way. I get to spend time with family and enjoy some of what life has to offer.

The question I have for you is ARE YOU REDEEMABLE? If you’ve made mistakes in your life are you willing to change? Are you willing to do what it takes to become a better you? Will you follow those who’ve made it or at least on the right road to making it? Are you ready to live a full and abundant life? Are you ready to take back your family & give them the life they deserve? If you’re ready for a change I would love to talk to you. Send me an email and lets start the conversation.


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To your success

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What’s up bloggers and bloggets ,

As I peruse the web I came upon a few articles of interest and thought i I would share.


For all of us who use Gmail we have the option to display or not display images. Most of us may chose not to display images as we are not sure if they are secure and could cause a virus. But according to Google they have now taken care of this. Starting today all images will be displayed as they now have there own secure servers. Google will now be responsible for all images on the server.

However, if this doesn’t work for you, you can always revert back.

Starting in early 2014 this will roll out for Android and iOS.

How do you feel about this?

Does it really make a difference to you?

How will this help you in your business?

And on another note, have you heard the latest Instagram news? No sure if I understand it all, LOL!! But I will explain it here.


Just released today for Android & iOS all us instagramers can now send text, video and photo messages privately. Here’s the breakdown.  You can now send your message up to 15 people or just 1 person but you MUST lead with a picture as usual.

There is also an avatar that will now light up that show’s that you liked or seen their message. You will now have a new inbox button on your home screen that will let you tap into your messages. If while online and someone sends a message you will get a badge that will pop up alerting you.  Only those who follow you can send you photos & vids.

How do you feel about this?

Does it really make a difference to you?

How will this help you in your business?


Did you find this blog helpful? Please answer the questions and let’s talk.


Until later

Shawne “Helpin Others Succeed” Perryamn

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So in my last blog I talked about the wonderful use of the clearance rack. Today’s blog will focus on COUPONS but before I start I would like to ask you a few questions.

What are your shopping habits?

Do you make a list and stick with it (and by this I mean do you write down things when using the last of it) or do you get in the grocery store and the list goes right out the window?

Do you get in the stores and throw things in the cart no matter the cost?

Are you a brand shopper or does the store brand work for you?

Do you shop with your kids: I know that based on circumstance this may not be possible however if you can then by all means leave them home however, just make sure there home to carry the bags in and put it away. And just remember parents the little ones are not to little to carry the bread of something light, LOL! My motto: “You wanna eat then carry a bag”

So, i’m sure your wondering Shawne, what does this have to do with me and what are you talking about so here it goes. This it my little secret….so sssh…listen close and don’t tell anyone.

The first thing I do is make my list.

The second is to look at the sales paper to see what is being offered that week. I have another ? Do you comparison shop or do you just go to one store and your done? If the stores are fairly close check out all the sales so that you are maximizing your dollar.

Thirdly can anyone guess….USE COUPONS. Now i’ve heard the stories I don’t have time for that but here is my response….MAKE TIME!! Once we understand the power of coupons you will become amazed at how much money you can save and here’s just another tip. Take the money your saving no matter how small and put it in a jar and see what you have 6 months later…you might be surprised. Now, there are several places to find coupons such as your local sunday paper and there are tons of online coupon sites. I will share a few at the end. Another way to start your love affair with coupons is to make it a family thing. Get the kiddies involved believe me no matter how small you are starting to teach them another valuable life lesson.

So now that you have your arsenal of things in place your ready to hit the stores so now what do you do? Can anyone guess…come on I know u know the answer….HIT THE CLEARANCE SECTION FIRST……DING DING DING!!! you are correct. Remember this…the clearance section is your friend.

Next find all those super deals you found while browsing the paper and finally here it comes USE ALL THOSE WONDERFUL COUPONS.

So i’m going to breakdown for you the power of an item being on sale and the use of the coupon. So, let’s say your favorite box of cereal usually cost $3.49 and you buy 2 totatling $6.98 but this week it’s on sale for 2 for $5 but you also have a coupon for a $1 off 2 boxes. You just paid $4 for 2 boxes instead of $6.98. Does this make sense?

I hope what I shared here is helpful. Just remember this these life lessons not only relate in life but in business as wells. As parents we become very organized in getting kids up for school, cooking breakfast, making lunches, picking up from school and shuffling off to activities. With all this skills we are on the right road to having a successful business.

To your success,

Shawne “Helping Others Succeed” Perryman

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