To capture or not to capture

I’ve been hanging out in a few groups connecting with others in my niche and came across something amazing.

After some research I discovered that some people don’t use capture pages/landing pages/squeeze pages. Doesnt matter what you call them but I think your missing out on some valuable information.

In this blog I will share 4 things I think are important no matter if your an online marketer or you have a brick & mortar business. As a biz don’t you want to know who your customers are? You need a way to stay connected. Maybe your running some promotion, offering something for free not only do you want your loyal customers but a few new customers won’t hurt your bottom line either.

1) I want to know who stopped by
2) I want to take the opportunity to build          a relationship first & foremost
3) If they took the time to enter their info they are looking for a change
4) It’s my chance to share my knowledge with them

Now, I know their are several other reasons but these are just a few of mine.

Now for the opposition. Some have said that people don’t want to enter their info….well for me that’s a BIG RED FLAG. It tells me a few things

1) They may not be serious
2) They are just tirekickers
3) Maybe their looking around just to bash us & this industry & say it doesn’t work.

Whatever the reason this tells me maybe this is someone I don’t want to work with. Now I know what you might be saying Shawne that’s a little harsh but the reality is I have a clear picture from the beginning of what to expect from this person….NOTHING! I want to spend my time helping those who are willing to put in the work & have the desire to succeed.
You can make money in this industry.

What are your thoughts on using capture pages? Please share.

As a free gift to all I’m giving away my free lead system so click on the link & happy capturing.

To your continued success
The Multi-Prenuer Entreprenuer

Shawne “Helping Other’s Succeed” Perryman


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